KAD’s Founder: Tina Wheeler, President and CEO

Tina Wheeler is a quiet philanthropic powerhouse. She has a heart and passion for children and families in crisis both domestic and globally.

Tina has a powerful story: Abandoned as a child, abused, a divorcee, and after experiencing the tragic death of her 8-year old daughter, Kiara, in a car accident — Tina has chosen to survive.

Those life-changing impediments have allowed Tina to create empowering stepping stones to help others. Finding the road to happiness and stability was inspired by her two beautiful children that survived the car accident. They now assist the staff and volunteers at KAD Foundation.

A Message From Tina:

My personal mission is quiet simple… to show love and bring hope to individuals and families who have found themselves in hopeless situations. I realize at some point all of us, in one capacity or another, could face unforeseen traumatic events, be placed in situations beyond our control and will have make choices that could change the course of our lives and those we love forever. And what I’ve found to be true in life is

that no matterwho you are, no matter where you’re from and no matter what your educational level, economic situation or ethnic 

background WE ALL want to know that we are loved, WE ALL want to know that someone cares, WE ALL need to know that our lives matter and WE ALL want to have an opportunity to have or provide a better future for ourselves or our families.

It is from this premise that I began to develop programs, provide services and create events for children and families to show each child, individual and family that we came in contact with and many that we’ve never met.

“You are not alone, there is hope, you can have a second chance, there are opportunities available to you, you can gain the skills you need regardless of the obstacles you face, there are people who care and there is a better tomorrow ahead of you because where you are now is only temporary placeholder it is not your permanent stop!”

Each time I see the Sparkle of Renewed Hope in a person’s eyes, a Laugh in their Voice and a Smile in their Heart, I know that we’ve made a difference and to me that’s all that matters.