Our Mission

KAD Foundation dedicated to educating, empowering and nurturing youth and families one community, one city and one nation at a time. We provide programs and initiatives designed to promote education, mentoring, healthy living and positive lifestyles that will enhance the quality of life and longevity for our youth and families throughout Central Florida, the United States and around the world.

Our Vision

We Believe: 

  • You were created to love and be loved.
  • You were born for a purpose.
  • You were given unique gifts, talents and abilities that make you who you are and set you apart from everyone else.
  • Your gifts, talents and abilities were given to you to serve and benefit someone else’s life and in turn their gifts, talents and abilities will serve and benefit your life.
  • You have a story and your part in your story plays a significant part in a bigger story.
  • You were meant to live life in relationship with others in a cohesive, loving and healthy manner.
  • You and Your Life Matters and the absence of you and your gift will make a difference in all of Our Lives.