Be You Mentoring Program

Be You exposes youth ages 9 – 18 from single-parent families to positive role models and alternative lifestyles to encourage them to remain in school and set positive goals for their adult lives. We cover areas such as anti-bullying, leadership and character development, self-esteem, giving back, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and so forth.

Be United

Program focus: fatherhood initiative program, single parents and foster children.

Be Fit – Be Healthy

When you create a healthier lifestyle today you increase your chances of having a longer, happier life on tomorrow. KAD Foundation’s Be Fit – Be Healthy Program includes a combination of fitness, health and wellness.  By creating program that promotes healthy eating, health lifestyles and healthy choices we are able to fight early childhood obesity as well as obesity and obesity prevention in older adults.

Be Youthful

Be Youthful encourages independent living and healthy lifestyles among the elderly living in Central Florida. KAD received a HOPE Florida grant award through the Florida Department of Health (  The overall mission of HOPE is to promote increased physical activity, healthy nutrition, and appropriate food portion sizes to reduce chronic diseases and disabilities associated with obesity and overweight.

Be Educated

After School program that focuses on reading, mathematics, science and arts education.  Education is the key to success in life.  For this reason, KAD’s after school programming is centered on education and counseling to help children and teens gain the knowledge and skills they will need to lead productive lives.  Our programs include college preparatory classes, college tours, leadership and character development, mentoring, tutoring in reading, math, science and history, arts education, life-skills education and school-to-work programs.  Your donations will give our youth the opportunity to realize their dreams for themselves.

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